Hosting Plan

Dedicated Enterprise
2 x Intel Xeon E5-2630
64 GB
Storage space: 
2 x 960 GB
10 TB
CPU Cache: 
16 MB
CPU Threads: 
CPU Clock Speed: 
4.00 Ghz
CPU Cores: 
Choose your billing cycle: 
Additional Options & Services

AltaGrade hosting plans already include weekly full and nightly incremental backups on the same system where the websites run. It is fast, save and secure way of keeping the data. Moreover all our systems come with at least two drives of enterprise level which are configured in RAID, which means that if any of them gets degraded then until it is replaced seamlessly the remaining drives continue to serve your websites and regular backup operations normally. So your data is well secured.

However, we offer this add-on service for organizations which have a policy requirement for remote backups and individual users who want to have additional peace of mind that their data is securely backed up locally and remotely at two different places Subscribed websites and servers will be fully backed up not only local RAID system, but also on AltaGrade backup servers in cloud.

AG Site Scanner is the most efficient malware detection system in the web-hosting industry that is designed to regularly scan the websites' file systems for viruses, trojans, spyware and all kind of malicious code and hacker's scripts, which other similar tools of our competitors simply can not find.

AG Site Scanner's database is constantly updated and is able to recognize the signatures of the latest vulnerability exploits in Backdrop, Drupal, WordPress, Joomla and other web-applications' core, contributed and custom modules, plugins and libraries. If anything suspicious is found, AG Site Scanner sends a notification mail, thus allowing you to take immediate remedy actions to protect your customers, business reputation and revenues.

Migrating a website to a different server is not a trivial process that requires accurate assessment and execution at each step. That is why we usually charge $29.50 per a website transfer, however for the first time subscribers we offer a free website migration service to save you from hassle when switching hosts.

Save your time and delegate the tedious migration process to us and we will take full care of transferring all the files and databases to your new AltaGrade hosting account, will set it up and deliver your website up and running!